Touring the World Through Cooking and Culture (7-8)

Food is much more than a means of survival.  It is a source of pleasure, comfort and security.  It is a symbol of hospitality, a marker of social status, a bearer of religious or spiritual significance.  When we share food with people, we are sharing our story, our experience, our ancestry.  In this class, we will explore the cultural aspects of food.  We will share recipes which represent important aspects of our family histories.  Experienced chefs will teach us cooking skills, and we will work together to prepare and enjoy meals from a variety of cultural traditions.  We will visit ethnic restaurants in order to sample their foods and learn more about their customs.  Following our restaurant visits, students will write reviews which describe their opinions of the ambience, service and cuisine.  We will learn about nutrition and the role food plays in a healthy and happy lifestyle.  Throughout our two weeks together, we will assemble a book of recipes, stories and pictures which will document our culinary experiences.

For our culminating project, students will work in groups to develop a menu, purchase ingredients, and prepare and serve an entire meal.  Bon appetit!

Peter Wingerd, Daniela Vinicka, and Brigitte Silkin