Ocean Sailing and Navigation in the Caribbean (9-12)

Welcome aboard for a six-day sailing adventure in the waters of the Pacific!  We will be partnering with the Los Angeles Maritime Institute, a leader in experiential training programs, to learn the time-honored arts of the seafarer – setting and trimming sails, steering, navigation, line handling and knots, and emergency procedures.  All students will participate fully in the 24-hour life of the ship, including standing watch with the professional crew and performing the daily operational aspects of the voyage including meal prep and cleanup.  The emphasis here will be to learn about the teamwork and leadership skills necessary to create an effective community aboard ship. We will focus on the two major academic objectives of the trip: navigation skills and marine ecology.  Navigation studies begin with basic chart plotting, using many of the tools sailors used prior to the age of electronics.  The challenge of pinpointing a ship’s position and plotting its course will progress from simple “dead reckoning” techniques through two- and three-bearing fixes, and we will begin to apply astronomical sightings using sextants toward the end of the voyage.  These navigational techniques will enable students to understand the complex workings behind GPS units, which are so common today.  Our marine ecology unit will focus on pollution and its effects on the oceans and marine life. Back on campus, students will conclude on campus by studying the global ocean currents by which pollutants are distributed throughout the world, and students will read about the great “garbage patches” located in the central oceans and discuss various approaches to solving this truly international problem.

Dave Badger and Sarah Moretz

Dates of Travel: December 9-16, 2016
Travel Fee: $2900