Italy: Art and Culture in Florence (11-12)

Students in this immersion will have a unique opportunity to explore the visual artworks and cultural traditions of Florence, a vibrant city and jewel of Italy’s Renaissance. Over eight days, the city’s bustling contemporary streets and historical sites will serve as both classroom and departure points for learning.  Students will experience the extraordinary artworks in the Uffizi Gallery and L’Accademia (such as Michelangelo’s David) and explore the city, including its Duomo, a glorious 15th-century cathedral, which remains an impressive feat of engineering to this day. We will take a one-day field trip to the Tuscan hill town of Siena, a UNESCO World Heritage site with beautiful medieval buildings and the famous shell-shaped Piazza del Campo. Through focused observation and discussion, we will consider how social, economic, political and geographical factors have shaped the creative forms of Italy’s culture. Students will learn the art and science of perspective, participate in a fresco workshop, and experience Italy’s rich culinary culture through a cooking lesson. No previous Italian language experience necessary for this course, only the desire to explore new ways of seeing and different places…Chi cerca trova!

Karen Dunbar and Mike Minelli

Dates of travel: December 9-17, 2016
Travel fee: $3400
Travel Itinerary