Costa Rica: Aerial Arts (9-12)

Set in the rugged rain forests of Costa Rica, this high school course challenges students to go further than they have ever experienced, physically and mentally, as they learn essential life skills through team building.  Students will be taught to rely on themselves and each other as circus professionals instruct them in flying trapeze and aerial silks work. Each day will also include groundwork activities, such as yoga, hiking the Nauyaca Falls, acrobatics, and creative movement. Students will participate in team-building exercises that improve communication, help establish realistic expectations about achievement, and cultivate productive behavior and positive choices. Reflective yoga classes and journaling will happen daily. No experience necessary, but students who have participated in our middle school circus Immersion will enjoy this opportunity to go beyond the gymnasium, to learn “trust in flight,” and experience an adventure-filled part of the world.

Dates of Travel: December 9-16, 2016
Travel Fee: $2400
Travel Itinerary

Arianne MacBean with Kristy Beauvais of Focus Fish and Christine Van Loo and Jonathan Conant of Airbornne Arts